Rich Hallsworth is a 3D Motion Designer, based in Dorset, UK.
Working professionally since 2011, he has showcased a diverse range of work, spanning branded content, commercials, television broadcast graphics, music visuals, live projection-mapped installations & ground breaking VR content.
His primary tools are Cinema 4D (utilizing Redshift, Octane, and XParticles), coupled with After Effects.
Having been taken under the wing of the prestigious London-based studio, Found, he spent an incredible 5 years learning the tools of the trade, before embarking on his subsequent freelance endeavours.
After a decade of refining his craft, Rich established his place on the map by setting up Hallsworth in Motion Ltd, to take on the growing demand for immersive visual experiences.
In addition to his solo ventures, Rich collaborates with his long-time university pals at Little Lightning. Together with Tom and Jack, the trio complement each other's skillsets by blending captivating 2D illustrations with stunning 3D visuals, to deliver awe-inspiring animation.

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