Along with the great team assembled at Found, we worked together to create this fantastic projection-mapped spot for Fujitsu.
I was brought in from an early stage to lock down the previs with Director Mike Sharpe, and to define the carefully considered shot durations. Because we were relying on pre-rendered projection content, each scene had to be carefully choreographed as there would be no room for error on the shoot day.
From there on, I was involved with modeling and lighting the 'Office/Canteen' shots in the film, combining live-action plate shots with 3D rendered content.
This was an exciting project drawing on techniques learned through 'Hiscox', whilst introducing new challenges in 'floating projections' on hologauze, to ensure that all effects could be caught in-camera. Aside from grading, there was no post-production work on this film.
Cinema 4D
Behind the Scenes
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